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Tan Boon Hai

Boon Hai has extensive audit and accounting experience. 
 He is a Registered Public Accountant, Singapore  and Practising Member, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (formerly Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore). His previous employers include accounting firms, namely, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and RSM Chio Lim LLP, and a subsidiary of a multinational company listed in the United Kingdom.

At PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and RSM Chio Lim LLP where he was an audit manager and audit director respectively, he was responsible for managing a portfolio of clients in the commodities, engineering, fund management, manufacturing, property development, services, shipping and trading industries. His clients also include listed companies, statutory boards and non-profit organisations. He also had experience in initial public offering assignments.

He had accounting experience as an assistant regional financial controller, with finance teams from the Asia Pacific region reporting to him. His responsibilities as a regional financial controller include managing ad-hoc projects in the Asia Pacific region for operational and corporate governance purposes, as well as ensuring that the financial reporting for the Asia Pacific region is made to the head office on a timely and appropriate basis.

Goh Qi Mei

Qi Mei is a Chartered Accountant of Singapore who has a good mix of audit and accounting experience. She gained her audit experience during her employment with RSM Chio Lim LLP. At RSM Chio Lim LLP, she was responsible in managing the audits to ensure that they meet clients' expectations and professional requirements. She also has audit experience with an international accounting firm in Australia.

She was involved in audits of companies in the energy, fund management, manufacturing, oil & gas, retail & services and trading industries. Her clients also include listed companies, statutory boards and non-profit organisations.
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